SpanGlish understands that arranging for an on-site interpreter involves restrictions and hassles that can get in the way of your business.  That is why we have developed our newest interpreting service that allows you, your clients, and your business to run smoothly and communicate effectively. Video remote interpreting (VRI) allows you to access interpreters at the touch of a button.  Providing you with a trusted, secure portal at any time and in any language adds value to your client communications.  In addition to Spanish language translation, we also provide translations and interpreting services for languages such as Mandarin, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, Greek and many more.


VRI is an easy-to-use service that provides you and your clients with all of the conveniences of an interpreter with the added advantage of on-demand interpreting.  SpanGlish’s trained and qualified interpreters are now accessible to you via WiFi or a 4G Network.  VRI is compatible with Desktop or Laptop computers, smartphones or tablets. VRI is available to you through a secured sign-in process.  Once you have accessed the VRI portal, you can select your interpreter, select your language, and choose to set up an appointment or request an on-demand service.  Using clear audio and crisp visual display, VRI brings the comfort of communication to your business.


We work with a variety of clients, including local municipalities, law offices, medical practices, and educational services.  These fields honor privacy of those they serve.  SpanGlish ensures that our translation and interpreting services are confidential and are both FERPA- and HIPAA-compliant.  All sessions are encrypted for added security, and SpanGlish complies with the meaningful use of technology under the HITECH Act.


SpanGlish’s VRI system provides you and your employees unlimited, on-demand access to our interpreters.  Eliminating inconvenient wait times associated with travel and appointments, VRI saves you time.  VRI also provides savings where it counts–in your wallet.  Our reasonable rates begin the moment interpreting starts, and they continue long after you disconnect from the portal.